Our Community. Our Voice.

The Latino Community Affairs serves as the voice of the community while creating programs for the advancement of all Latinos. The agency also strives to serve as a catalyst for change by providing support and resources for both the UT and Austin communities at large.

Our purpose is to:

1. Strengthen & unite Latinx  student organizations on  campus.

2. Promote the understanding of our culture & history by linking it to  social justice issues.

3. Serve as the central point for the collection of ideas &   concerns for  Latinx community. 

4. Provide a vocal outlet for members of our community.

5. Provide a space for dialogue and debate.

6. Encourage communication within the Latinx   community, including student organizations, faculty, staff &   the Austin community.

7. Offer resources &   assistance to Latinx  organizations in accomplishing their individual goals.

8. Promote awareness of campus issues,   leadership &  scholarship opportunities.



OUR 2016-2017 LCA TEAM

Alejandrina Guzman
Yahaira Pamela Morales
Alma Rosado
Ilse Colchado
Bianca Zepeda
Eduardo Benavidez
Juan Saez
Sergio Olvera
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LCA Team in Action!
Leadership 2.0

Both of our outstanding officers back in May at a Latinx Leadership Conference!

Adelante 2016

LCA Officers uniting to make Adelante successful! #squadgoals

Leadership Skills

Alejandrina and Erasto at a Leadership Conference.

YBO 2016

LCA officers helping at You Bring Out the Asian American in me! (Sponsored by APAC)

LCA 20152016

2016 Latino Leadership Summit with former officers.

BLOQ Party 2016

LCA officers tabling at BLOQ Party for QPOCA 2016!

4 Directions

LCA Officers at 4 Directions sponsored by NAIC!

Sergio Olvera

Sergio tells his brave story about crossing borders with Humans of Forty Acres.

Sergio Rosales

Sergio! One of very own officers speaking for Student Government! Congrats on the speech well done!

2016 Latino Grad

2015-2016 LCA Officers at the Latino Graduation!



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